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Our Uniqueness

What sets E OET Online training apart from other consultants? Drive, and determination to succeed. E OET Online training knows what you need in order to soar. Take a look below, and please fill out the form to get started.

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E OET Online training students deserve the best. The best classes, the best staff, and the best features. Sign up, and start taking advantage of a service that focuses on simplifying the way you do business.

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Updations is one of the key to success, so our materials.Join us and learn through our updated documents and be informed of recent changes.

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We understand you,most simplified grammar classes focussing on OET exam. Take advantage of  this expertise  Click below to get started.


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Through E OET Online training academy, we are committed to deliver 24/7 support to students. the goal is to make it easy for students across the globe to focus on 'OET' what truly matters: career success. All you need to do is fill out your information below to receive instant access to all our features.

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The Full Story

 We thank you for your time spent here and we consider this space as a great opportunity to enlight on who we are, what we do, what we offer, and how we growing along with our students.

Our professional journey started in 2005 teaching students IELTS & German and known as Sunrise Thalanth and on the way of our success we added study abroad guidance as our service and later we launched our new venture as E OET to particularly focus on OET. Now we have grown as the best study abroad consultants especially for Germany, Italy, Canada, UK and that too without any single penny spending in the advertisement. We always believe our satisfied students as our best tool as advertisement and they alone helped us as word of mouth to grow.

                                          Today we as the leading online OET, GERMAN language training academy and Study Abroad our services specially designed to dovetail with your convenience without the least compromise on quality focusing much on updation.

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Young Businesswomen
  • OET institue
    E OET institue giving high quality OET preparation course is 100% online, powerful and very convenient. The high-quality self-study materials are supported by expert OET teachers who deliver daily LIVE classes, teach 1:1sections and give personalised teaching for all for modules.
  • OET academy
    E OET academy is the leading OET preparation course provider in Kerala is 100% online, powerful and very convenient. The high-quality self-study materials are supported by expert OET teachers who deliver daily classes, teach 1:1 (one on one) classes and give personalised coaching for all modules.
  • Which is the best online coaching for OET?
    Yes! if you are looking for one on one (1:1)classes or group classes online then E OET academy is delivering high quality training with huge success ratio for getting 'B' for all modules. E OET institute is mainly focussing on nurses in health care proffenions who are looking forward to work abroad in UK,Ireland,Canada,USA,Newzealand, giving all types of after services and guidance for nurses to reach their destinations.
  • What is the fees for OET?
    The test costs $587 AUD / $455 USD (US pricing only for those sitting OET on computer in the USA) and candidate research shows that 85% consider OET to be excellent or above average value for money.
  • Which countries accepts OET?
    Who accepts OET? Healthcare professionals who are looking to study or work in the healthcare sector in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Singapore or Namibia are required to take the OET. As these are the countries that largely recognize the OET exam.
  • Is OET online now?
    The online OET test will have the exact same format as the paper-based test. All four components in the OET test will be available through OET@home – listening, reading, writing and speaking. ... Also, this computer-based OET exam will be made available across the world online
  • How is OET exam conducted?
    There are 3 types of OET exam now. 1.OET on Paper at a Test Venue. 2.OET on Computer at a Test Venue 3.Online OET exam @home
  • Is OET difficult?
    As expected, the two tests vary in difficulty. The OET is easier in some ways because it is more specific to healthcare, so you can make use of your healthcare knowledge, vocabulary and experiences. ... The speaking test will involve having a conversation with the examiner based on some specific topics.
  • How many times can I take OET?
    The OET test can be attempted as many times as the candidate wants to improve his score. The OET test is held twice in a given month.
  • Is OET refundable?
    Is OET refundable? Re-mark requests must be made within 5 days from the date your results are published online by completing the Request for OET Re-marking Form. Re-marking and appeal charges will be refunded in full if your sub-test grade(s) change as a result of your appeal.
  • How long is OET valid for?
    How long is OET valid for? two years OET results are valid for two years. This means that there might be a deadline for you to apply for your exam and you should take this into consideration before booking and sitting your OET test. You should contact the relevant authority to check their exact validity period and whether they will expire
  • How can I apply for OET?
    To book your OET on paper simply: Login to the booking portal and click the Apply for the test tab. ... Complete the requested fields and proceed through each step with care. Review your times, location, and profession. Proceed to checkout. Fill out your credit card details on the secure screen and finalise your booking.
  • Is OET accepted in Canada 2021?
    OET results are accepted by healthcare regulators world-wide, including in the USA, the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Dubai and Singapore.
  • Requirements for OET?
    To sign up for the OET, you'll need three things: A credit card (or billing information) A valid, government-issued photo ID A digital passport photo The payment details are necessary for the test fee, which is $587 AUD. This comes out to about $445 USD. In order to prevent misconduct and ensure fair testing results, the OET exam comes with strict identification requirements. Identification materials must include a photograph, and they must be valid on test day. Should you choose to take the test outside your country of origin, you'll need to bring your original valid passport. Photo ID guidelines are similarly strict. Provided photos must satisfy the following requirements: Color photo with white background No more than three months old Saved in .jpeg format with a file size between 20 and 200 KB Show only the head Have sharp focus (no photos that are blurred, pixelated, etc.) Show a neutral expression (no smiling or frowning)
  • All you want to know about OET
    The OET features strict requirements for both the registration process and test day procedures. Read on to learn what you'll need to sign up and what you can bring on test day. OET Registration & Test Day Signing up for the Occupational English Test, or OET, is a fairly simple process. Candidates will be required to select a test date, pay a test fee, and provide the required identification documents. On the day of the test, you won't need to bring anything except for the aforementioned ID and basic writing utensils (pencils, erasers, etc.). What to Bring on Test Day When it comes to the OET, it's more about what a candidate does not bring to the testing site. All you will need is your valid ID, and the only things you may bring into the testing site are writing materials and a clear plastic water bottle. Under no circumstances may you bring in any mobile devices, notes, bags, purses, dictionaries, books, cameras, or even mechanical pencils. Candidates will be provided with a secure room in which to place their personal effects. Any attempt to smuggle in forbidden materials may result in your scores being invalidated. Preparing for the OET Now that you understand the registration and test day procedures for the OET, you can now focus on studying for the test itself. E OET academy gives proper guidance and training for OET exam candidates. The classes goes thorough all relevant test topics, lessons. Students will also benefit from the Grammar Resources and classes.
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Either for the Degree or for the Masters use your options wisely  . Their success was a true priority, and so is yours. Read about their journey, and submit your own details below to get started.

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Get desired courses with scholarships and admitted in UK's top universities or colleges and get PSW. Work 20hrs a week and take your family with you.



Study in Italy and earn Scholarship showing our income and Italy is the only Schengen country you reach with over all cost of 2.5 lakhs including your flight ticket.



Study in Germany with low fee or  no fee and University only need your fund to be deposited in your bank as per the living cost which you can withdraw.

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Canada is known for its high quality education and hands on experience and income whie studying, get settled with work PR.

Get informed to get ahead. Start by submitting your information below.

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